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  •     Mandarin and Cantonese – are spoken mostly at the back of the mouth, with the back of the tongue.
  •     English is mostly spoken at the front of the mouth with the tongue tip.
  •     AccentScienceSystems trains individuals to overcome this natural inclination.
  •     Hindi speakers of English usually stress every syllable in a word equally.
  •     In North American English, we stress only one or two syllables in a word.
  •     Changing this habit makes individuals more understandable, and others will appreciate their ideas and opinions, the first time they speak.
  •     Russian speakers often eliminate the sounds “th” and “v” when speaking English, and these sounds are in 80% of English conversations.
  •     Other difficulties include “choppy” stress and rhythm of words and sentences.
  •     Our Speech Pathology techniques will help individuals SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS
  •     Spanish speakers of English often eliminate the sounds (th), and (v), and word endings such as (t) and (d).
  •     To solve this problem, you first need to HEAR these sounds in words, before being able to speak them accurately.
  •     Our methods ensure that members of your organization learn this skill!

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