Personalized Accent Reduction Assessment

Want to dramatically reduce your accent and get immediate results?

Our accent reduction experts can give you the help that you need to get rid of your accent for good!

We offer two unique programs that will DOUBLE the results that you are getting from your online accent reduction course and will allow you to reduce your accent in record time!

Find out exactly what is your biggest challenge in reducing your accent and what is the most effective way of dealing with it.

Our accredited instructors will analyze your speech by talking to you over the phone (or Skype) and will develop a personalized plan for reducing your accent based on the unique characteristics of your speech:

  • Get an assessment from a registered Speech-Language Pathologist (30 minutes phone or Skype conversation)
  • Receive a personalized plan that was made just for you
  • Measure your progress with our exclusive measuring tool


  • $249 $199

Live Coaching Sessions

Need help with your online course? Struggling with a specific sound, rhythm, tone or exercise?

Our certified Speech Language Pathologists are here to help!

We offer personalized coaching based on your needs. Book a one-on-one live coaching session with one of our certified accent reduction specialists and get personalized help to get rid of your accent even faster!

  • Get faster results
  • Expert advice on your schedule
  • Personalized coaching based on your needs


30 minutes : $90 $80
45 minutes: $135 $99


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However, to significantly reduce your accent you will need to go through additional 10 lessons (one lesson per week).

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